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Busy, Gritty, Inked, and Witchy Podcast

Nov 30, 2022

Morgan talks about the magickal energy of December as well as the energy as we transition from Sagittarius season to Capricorn season. 

Nov 9, 2022

Morgan talks about the Total Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon in Taurus that happened earlier this week and how you could be feeling the effects of it for weeks or months. She shares how to deal with an energetic hangover and take care of yourself. 

Nov 2, 2022

Morgan talks about the magickal energy of November as well as the astrological energy of moving from Scorpio into Sagittarius seasons.

Oct 30, 2022

Morgan shares stories from her days as a ghost hunter. 

Oct 26, 2022

This week, Morgan gives witches a beautiful vow to say to recommit themselves to their witchy path on Samhain (or any time it's needed)!